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Submit an Opportunity

The Co-Curricular Record (CCR) is always looking for more opportunities to add! U of T recognized student organizations, faculty and staff are welcome to submit requests for new co-curricular opportunities be added to the CCR. All submissions will be reviewed by the appropriate Local Unit and those approved will be added to the CCR database. If you have an opportunity in mind and/or have an existing opportunity, check out the criteria below to see if it is eligible:

Criteria for CCR recognition

  • The activity must have a clear attachment to the university with a recognized faculty or staff member
  • The activity must have validation requirements, i.e. criteria students must complete in order to have their position validated, reflection
  • The activity's positions must be able to be connected to intentional competencies/skills, as laid out in U of T's competencies framework
  • The activity must provide an opportunity for active engagement for the students involved in it (for example, positions or activities that merely symbolize a student holding a title but not actually following through with programming/ duties/ etc. will not qualify to be added)

Contact to suggest an opportunity and make sure to outline how it meets the criteria above.


Student Organizations looking to add their group to the CCR

Recognized clubs and groups are eligible to apply for CCR Validation!

The CCR will:

  • Help you adverise and promote your organization. You will be included in the CCR online directory.
  • Help you and your organization identify skills you've developed.
  • Recognize your involvment on an official university record. 
  • Assist in the transition between this years executives and the next years.

Learn more about how to get your student group recognized.


Faculty & Staff

Log in to your staff/faculty account in CLNx to find out about submitting opportunities to the CCR database and more.

Faculty/Staff Validator Eligibility, a validator of a student orgranization supporting the Co-Curricular Record validation process must be a University of Toronto appointed faculty or staff member for the duration of the student organization members' term. NOTE: *PhD candidates and staff members who are employed on casual or short-term contracts are not permitted to a validator role and validate students.

Volunteer as a CCR validator and learn more about how to help students get recognized on the CCR.