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Leadership for Grads Full Day of workshops!

Aug 24, 2023 10:00 AM to 05:00 PM
Student Commons, 230 College St, Rooms 556 & 558

Registration Deadline: Aug 22, 2023 12:00 PM

Event Description: Leadership for Grads Full Day of Workshops

Are you a grad student looking to strengthen your collaboration, reflection and leadership skills while challenging and deepening your understanding of leadership in diverse contexts? Want to connect with other grad students, engage in lively discussions about leadership challenges, explore goal-setting and visioning for the future and have lunch together? Join us for a day of Leadership for Grads workshops! Students who attend all 3 workshops will qualify for their CCR recognized Leadership for Grads certificate! 

This is an in-person full day event with lunch provided. Please bring an open-mind and willingness to engage!

Event details below:

When: Thursday, August 24, 2023
Time: 10am - 5pm
Where: Student Commons, 230 College Street, Toronto, ON M5T 1R2 - Rooms 556 & 558 

Workshops offered:

Opening, welcome, icebreakers: 10am - 10:30am
Workshop 1 - Organizational Leadership - Managing vs Leading for Grad Students: 10:30am - 12pm
How is the communication process affected by the structure of an organization? In this session, we will explore how formal and informal communication can influence relationships and a sense of agency within a group or team. We will look at how downward, upward and horizontal communication is connected to leadership and management styles. You will gain insight by asking yourself more thoughtful questions: How can I communicate more effectively in my organization? How do my role and social location influence the flow of information and team productivity? How can I be a more clear and conscious communicator?

Lunch*: 12:00pm - 1pm
Workshop 2: Equity & Leadership for Grad Students 1pm - 3:00pm
We talk a lot about equity, diversity and inclusion on campus but what do we really mean and how do these concepts relate to our academic, work and personal lives on campus? How do these terms relate to our understanding of leadership and how can we be more inclusive in our leadership styles? This workshop explores these questions alongside concepts of power, privilege and social location. We will examine concepts of structural inequality, while also creating a space for us to think about what commitments we can make around continuing to learn more while putting what we have learned into action and how we can take care of ourselves while we do this work.

Break: 3:00pm - 3:15pm 
Workshop 3 - Collaborative Visioning - Goal Setting for Grad Students: 3:15pm - 4:30pm
Shared visions provide the foundation for collaboration, growth, and change. Experience the process of ″visioning″ as an important step toward achieving your and your team's goals and aspirations. We will be sharing techniques for long and short-term goal-setting so you can come away with practical strategies for developing a shared vision for your life, your leadership, and your team-- Let's get productive!
Reflection & Wrap Up: 4:30 - 5pm

*Lunch is provided for those attending the full day. Please ensure to complete the registration form and include any dietary needs there. 

For questions, please connect with: 

This is an in-person day of workshops. Please double-check the workshop location.

Accessibility Notes
  • Please have something to record your thoughts with.
  • Masks are welcome and appreciated :) 
  • The workshop registration has been capped to allow for some physical distancing.
  • Please bring a water bottle and any snacks you might need to help you through the day.

Participation Expectations: 
This day of workshops will be held in person. Participants will be invited to join in the conversations, to contribute ideas, and think, pair, share.  If you require further accommodation to participate comfortably, please send us an email! 

While we will work towards creating an accessible workshop, so that you don't have to disclose any different abilities or disabilities, if you have any specific accommodations you'd like to ensure are responded to please an email to

Please be advised that this event maybe be canceled if there are less than 10 registrants at the time the registration closes. 

For questions and accomodation requests, please contact

No spaces remaining OR registration is currently not available.