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The Employer & Partner portal is typically for users who are hiring on behalf of an organization or company. 

If you are an individual looking to post a position to hire for yourself please register below as a Private Individual for your organization.

Employer & Partner Registration

Organization Information

If you are an individual hiring for personal services, please register as "Private Individual

For personal services, please select Private Individual

If you are a Private Individual hiring for personal services, please provide a social media page for verification purposes.

For Private Individuals, please add what services you will be hiring for.


Division Information

If there is no division at your organization, enter Head Office OR enter "Individual if you are not part of an organization.

Login Information

The email must be the professional email of the individual registering for an account rather than a generic email address.  For job postings, there will be an opportunity to have a different email address shown.

Passwords require 12 characters with a special character, a capital and at least one number


Services Interested In (Choose all that apply)*

Post Jobs

Host organization information sessions

Interview students on campus

Mentor students

Host student(s) at your workplace

Hire an Internship/Co-Op student

Participate in Fairs

Participate in Panels/Networking Events

Contact Information

Select Private Individual if you are not part of an organization.

Have you convocated from the University of Toronto?*

The University of Toronto respects your privacy. Personal information that you provide to the University is collected pursuant to section 2(14) of the University of Toronto Act, 1971.

The information collected here is only used by Career Learning Network staff for the purposes defined at the time of the collection or a use that complies with these purposes. We do not share your information.