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Eligibility for Services

U of T Student Eligibility

All registered students and recent graduates (alumni) within 2 years of graduation are eligible to access CLNx. Should you encounter any problems logging in, please review the following rules that govern access to this online system to confirm your eligibility for services.

  • During the Fall and Winter terms, degree-seeking students who are registered in ACORN (i.e., where the registration status is "REG") and who pay the Student Life incidental fees at St. George, UTM, and UTSC, are eligible for service.
  • During the first couple of weeks in September, students who have an "INVIT" status in ACORN are eligible for service.  The period in which they are eligible for service typically ends on the last FINCA date but as the FINCA dates are different in different faculties and change year to year, a set period of the first two weeks is to be used.
  • Recently graduated students are eligible for service during the first two years of their degree conferral date of their most recent degree earned. If a recently graduated student returns to take a course as a non-degree student, the student is still considered as a recently graduated student. However, if a recently graduated student returns as a degree student (to pursue another degree) the student is considered as a normal (undergraduate/graduate) student, and not a recently graduated student.
  • Eligibility is for the current academic year.  If a student is eligible in the Fall term, the student would be eligible in both the Winter and Summer term of the same academic year.  If a student were eligible in the Winter term, the student would be eligible in the Summer term of the same academic year.  A student's eligibility status is reset on September 1.
  • Students of the School of Graduate Studies (SGS) that are on approved leave and have paid the student services fee are eligible for service. 
  • Regardless of the incidental fee status, students in the following degree POSts will be granted access: 
Degree POSt Description                                             

Certificate of Qualification in Dentistry

EC MENT Master of Engineering, Telecommunications
MA MMF Master of Mathematical Finance
MF NDEGS Special Student
MG MBA Z Executive Master of Business Administration
MG MMPA Master of Management and Professional Accounting
MGGLBMBA Z Executive Master of Business Administration 
PM   NDEGP Post-Doctoral Fellow  
PM   NDEGV Visiting Student  
PM   PHMD Doctor of Pharmacy  
PM   RESD Pharmacy Residency Program 
TY   NDEG Transitional Year Program
TY   NDEGA Transitional Year Program
WW   CCMA Certificate in Case Management  
WW   NDEGC Non-Certificate Special-Certificate in Case Management  


If you meet the requirements above and are still having difficulty logging in, please contact your local campus.

Mississauga campus:

St. George campus:

Scarborough campus: