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Mentor & Host Students

Career professionals like you play a big role in helping our students learn about career options, clarify their goals and build professional networks. You might also have the chance to broaden your own network!


In The Field

This career exploration field trip connects a group of students to professionals working in various occupations within your workplace for half a day. Student attendees will have the opportunity to ask career-related questions and tour the workplace to learn about the work environment. Contact a campus to sign up!  

Job Shadowing Programs

Provide students with valuable insight into your career by hosting them at your workplace. Students spend half a day to five days with you and will have the opportunity to ask you career-related questions, tour the workplace, and engage in a hands-on activity. Examples of hands-on activities include simulations of common daily tasks and participation in field work or staff meetings. Contact a campus to sign up!  

Partners in Leadership

Are you a Scarborough alumus, working in your field for at least two years?  Mentor a fourth year UTSC student over a six-month period.  Attend four networking events and meet regularly by phone or in person.  Learn more about Partners in Leadership and sign up.