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Recruitment Information Sessions

On behalf of the University of Toronto Campus Career Services, thank you for recruiting Canada's most diverse and talented post-secondary students and graduates.

A recruitment information session is an in-person or online event hosted by an organization looking to hire students and recent graduates. Representatives present information about their organization's employment opportunities, recruitment practices, and work environment and culture, and allow students the opportunity to learn more about the real-life application of their studies.

Why Employers Host Information Sessions

  • To promote their organization and build brand awareness at the University of Toronto
  • To attract and recruit top talent to their organization

Why Students and Recent Graduates Attend

  • To learn more about opportunities available within an organization, the recruitment process, and the skills, experiences and knowledge required
  • To network with recruiters and employers and make valuable contacts to explore current and future opportunities and referrals
  • To demonstrate an interest in the organization and articulate skills and qualifications; make a good first impression and get invited for an interview
  • To hear diverse and non-traditional career stories from alumni and employees at an organization
  • To network with other students (peers) and recent graduates who are interested in the same industry, organization or roles

Booking Process

The University of Toronto Campus Career Services will support your organization's recruitment information session and continued success at the University of Toronto.

We offer two services options to accommodate your preferred recruitment strategy:

  • The Full-Service Package is best suited for employers and organizations needing an all-inclusive approach to organizing and delivering an effective recruitment information session.
  • The Limited Service Package is best suited for employers and organizations that prefer to host their information session on their own online communications platform or physical event space, and do not require our assistance during the event.

Please REGISTER for Employer access to CLNx or LOG IN to CLNx to the University's Career & Co-Curricular Learning Network (CLNx) to review the full details of our service packages, select the option that best fits your organization's needs, and book your event.