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Student Life Events at St. George

Student Life Events at St. George

How to Protect Your Body While Learning at Home

Feb 23, 2022 12:00 PM to 01:15 PM

Registration Deadline: Feb 23, 2022 12:00 PM

Sitting for hours to study? Hunched over your laptop? Feeling neck and back pain? Being a student can be hard on your body. In this workshop, you will learn ergonomic tips and strategies like how to best set up your desk environment and how to incorporate movement in your day to day to prevent pain and injury.  This workshop is a collaboration between Accessibility Services and Health & Wellness and is suitable for all students. 

Attend this workshop to learn:

  • Define ergonomics and its application to you as a student. 
  • Understand how vision, seating, desk setup, and movement impact your body. 
  • Apply new strategies to adapt your workspace to be more ergonomic. 
This workshop is facilitated by:
  • Health Promotion Programs, Health & Wellness
  • Accessibility Services
Session information:
This session will be held on Zoom and all University of Toronto students are welcome to attend. Please note that there is a maximum of 40 participants in this session - so register soon!
If you have questions or require accommodations, please reach out to

Please note that Health & Wellness reserves the right to cancel workshop programming 24-48 hours in advance.