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Student Life Events at St. George

Equity & Leadership (Virtual)

Nov 29, 2022 11:00 AM to 01:00 PM
Microsoft Teams Virtual Meeting

Registration Deadline: Nov 28, 2022 06:30 PM

We talk a lot about equity, diversity and inclusion on campus but what do we really mean? How do these things relate to our everyday lives here on campus? How do these terms relate to our understanding of leadership? What is it missing? This workshop explores these questions alongside concepts of power, privilege and social location. We will also create a space for us to think about what commitments we can make around continuing to learn more while putting what we have learned into action and how we can take care of ourselves while we do this work.

We will start promptly at 5 minutes past the hour but will not be letting new participants in after 20 minutes into the workshop as per student request to care for the relationships and trust that gets built for group work. This should not impact students who get dropped from the call and have to re-enter.

An optional 5 minute meditation will be offered after this workshop.

*Registration is required so that we can send you the meeting link ahead of time and sometimes we also send some resources to briefly review before the wokshop starts. Please ensure to read your Registration Confirmation email for more details and keep an eye out for the workshop link arriving in your inbox or spam folder via the Event Reminder email within 24 hours of the workshop time & date as well as an additional email with the resources to review before the workshop. Note: if there are not enough attendees, a workshop can be cancelled in which case an email will be sent to you.

If you are taking this workshop as a part of a Leadership or Ulead Certificate, please click here and search for your program to get more information on completing your certificate. 

Accessibility Notes for Online Workshops: 

  • Please have something to record your thoughts with.
  • You can request the slides ahead of time (or after) to support your participation and/or learning. We will provide a handout containing the main content from the workshop.
  • Closed Captioning: Auto-generated captions which can be turned on and off will be utilized in this presentation. The workshop will be presented in English. 
  • Screen breaks are built into all workshops 

Participation Expectations: Our workshops may contain interactive components. You might be invited to engage with the workshop using the chat function, virtual breakout rooms, third parry tools (e.g., and will have the option to contribute using your mic and/or video functions. Participants are invited to participate in small group break out rooms. All camera use is voluntary. Zoom fatigue is real and as such, our workshops have been designed so you don't have to look at the screen throughout the entire workshop. If you require further accommodation to participate comfortably, please send us an email. 

Privacy: Workshops will not be recorded without the express permission of the participants. The main group chat may be downloaded by the facilitators for our own assessment purposes but will not be shared publicly. Private chats will not be downloaded.

Technology: This workshop requires access to the internet for an uninterrupted duration of time, although a call-in number will also be provided for a less participatory option.The workshop/event will be available on Zoom and a link with password will be sent out 24hours before the event. Please be sure to check your spam folder for the Event Reminder Email (which will contain the meeting link and password) as well as the additional email with pre-workshop resources sent by the team. The conversation will use PowerPoint slides and accessible PDFs of any handouts. Copies of the PowerPoint and the PDFs will be available prior to the session upon request. 

We hope to work towards an accessible workshop and if you have any specific accommodations you would like please email to

For questions and accommodation requests, please contact

No spaces remaining OR registration is currently not available.