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Student Life Events at St. George

Facilitating Groups Online for Peer Mentors (virtual)

Oct 3, 2023 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Registration Deadline: Oct 2, 2023 10:00 AM

Facilitating Groups Online.  
This synchronous workshop is part of the Mentorship Foundations training which prepares students to serve as a mentor or peer advisor in a peer support role. Facilitating Groups Online will begin by outlining some of the numerous components that are necessary to consider when setting up an online space. To explore this topic further, a plethora of engagement and facilitation techniques will be introduced followed by the opportunity to review some scenarios that may take place when facilitating online.  
Accessibility Notes.

  • Language: the conversation will happen in English 
  • Closed Captioning: Auto-generated captions which can be turned on and off will be utilized in this presentation. 
  • Movement Involved: All of our workshops have a 5-minute voluntary movement break built into the workshops.  
  • Participation Expectations: Participants will be invited to join in the conversation by unmuting themselves and speaking and/or typing in the chat.  Participants are expected to participate in small group break out rooms.  All camera use is voluntary. 
  • Privacy: Workshops will not be recorded without the express permission of the participants.  The chat will be downloaded by the facilitators for our own assessment purposes but will not be shared publicly. 
  • Technology: The workshop/event will be available on Zoom and a link with password will be sent out upon registration and 24hours before the event. The conversation will use PowerPoint slides and accessible PDFs of any handouts.  Copies of the PowerPoint and the PDFs will be available prior to the session upon request. 
For additional specific accommodations please email 

No spaces remaining OR registration is currently not available.