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Help build the Research Catalogue

In January 2018, the Research Catalogue was launched on U of T's Career Learning Network (CLN). A comprehensive database of co-curricular research in every program of study, this catalogue will increase the quality and diversity of research applicants as it reaches more than 35,000 current subscribers.
Through the catalogue, students will learn more about co-curricular, undergraduate research, including deadlines, requirements and how to apply. They can also match research interests with faculty members from across the University.
"The Research Catalogue will make research across U of T easily discoverable," says Susan McCahan, Vice-Provost, Innovations in Undergraduate Education. "And part of the success of this tool depends on input from faculty and staff. We need them to help us populate the catalogue so that we have a one-stop location for students looking for research across the University."
The process for faculty and staff is simple:
Log in to CLNx with your UTORid and password, create an institutional or faculty profile, add a description of your research activities, a listing of the ways in which undergraduate students will be involved (e.g. Work Study, USRAs, research abroad, etc.) and the ways for students to get in contact.
From there, you can link to active CLNx postings for research opportunities in your area and manage applications all on one convenient website.
Profiles do not expire, but a yearly a reminder will be sent to ensure that all relevant information and links are up to date. Job postings will be automatically removed from your profile when they expire.
For more information or to include a research opportunity in the catalogue, please email